Market Partners

Medaflex apps are powered by market partners who make information integral to wellness

 This is an unprecedented moment in time for increasing the bounds of our knowledge and affecting our well being through the use of ever increasing amounts of high quality data. A market for information of every type is exploding and health and wellness are at the top of our list. ~ Jeff Chaskin, CEO

Our market partners will include other ventures in healthcare IT, health and wellness programs and app providers, home health and exercise equipment companies, exercise and yoga studios and gyms, and of course, healthcare insurers, and healthcare providers including hospital systems, pharmacies, labs, and imaging companies. Medaflex is seeking out new partners in the wellness, exercise, cooking, and home products spaces.

We must all become partners in helping ourselves with more and more useful information by comitting to interconectivity.

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We expect insurance providers and wellness organizations to utilize our services as a Benefit as we light the way to better systemic outcomes

Trends in Workplace Wellness Programs

In 2019, 84% of large employers (200 or more workers) offering health benefits offered a workplace wellness program, such as those to help people lose weight, stop smoking, or provide lifestyle and behavioral coaching; in addition 4% of large offering firms have programs that exclusively do health screening, meaning in total almost 9 in 10 firms have some sort of workplace wellness program (88%). An estimated 63 million covered employees offer health benefits and one of these workplace wellness programs.

Overall, among large employer wellness programs with health screening, including health-contingent programs, a majority (54%) apply financial incentives for participants to complete the health screening and disclose health information. Nearly 28 million covered workers are in these firms. In some cases, these incentives or penalties may also apply to workers not enrolled in the health plan (34%) or an enrolled worker’s spouse (49%). In 2019, 20% of large firms with a wellness or health screening incentive had a maximum incentive of more than a $1,000. On average, the maximum value of the incentive was $783. Firms may provide incentives in a variety formats, including discounts or surcharges to the employee’s health premium contribution, cash, or merchandise. Incentives may reward or penalize workers for combination of activities.

Adding Medaflex as an integrated part of a corporate wellbeing program combines the PMR with the existing health application to supercharge the patient health outcome, reduce costs and increase employee productivity.